e p o n y m o u s

The very first thing that I want to say is that I’m not, or at least I try not to be, cynical or jaded, though many people have told me that they wouldn’t blame me for being so. In fact, many people (and again I promise I’m not bragging or anything) tell me that they’re surprised when I open up to them about hard things. They’re surprised that I don’t have my life all together and figured out in a neat and tidy package. Part of that is because I also consider myself to be a fairly busy person, but even that can be considered a mask that I put on. And that is the purpose of writing this blog. I want to challenge everyone that I know to be real and raw, to throw away the masks that we hide behind and show people who we really are, regardless of what that person looks like and what that person has had to go through or has not had to go through. In my opinion, being real never ends badly.
With that out of the way, like the title of this blog states, I consider myself to be another anomaly among many. No, I’m not being melodramatic, and no, it’s not an oxymoron. So why?

I consider myself another anomaly among many, because I am a Christian and I am gay. Continue reading “e p o n y m o u s”