To The Girl Who Needs to Love Herself

This is an important read from a dear friend of mine, and something that many people, including myself need to be reminded of in a culture and a day and age where we place an idol-like value on exterior qualifiers, such as achievements and relationships to give ourselves value. Love her and this post.
You are loved. You are chosen. You are wanted by Love Himself.


To the girl who needs to love herself: I’ve been there. Sometimes, I’m still there. I forget who I belong to and where my worth comes from.

To be honest, my life would be very different if I understood how to love myself from the beginning. There’s a saying: a girl accepts the love she thinks she deserves. I would’ve saved a lot of heartbreak in my relationships with friends and others if I understood that I truly do deserve the best.

It doesn’t matter what your past is. It doesn’t matter if you’ve made more mistakes than you can count. It doesn’t matter how others have treated you. It doesn’t matter what you look like. You are worthy because God declares your worthiness. You are loved because God created you in His love.

God is love. Meaning the Father, Son, and Spirit are in close, loving relationship, and God wants you…

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