Christian Parents, Here’s Why Your Child Coming Out To You Is Great News

john pavlovitz

mother hugging her happy daughter

So, Christian Mom or Dad, your child has come out to you as LGBT.

Whether this news comes completely out of the blue or whether you saw it coming for a while, it’s probably accompanied by a swirling flood of conflicting emotions and fears and questions.

Regardless of your readiness, your feelings, or your theological stance, here are a few reasons why you should be celebrating today: 

Your child trusts you enough to share the deepest parts of who they are with you.

Being honest about their gender identity or sexual orientation is one of the most difficult decisions any young person (or adult for that matter) can ever make, especially within a family of faith and their extended religious community which historically are both fraught with additional risk and tension for LGBT teens. Your son or daughter is sharing the most personal, most deeply guarded truth with you, during a time when most children share the least…

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