Honestly, I don’t think I could’ve said this better myself, and I have definitely given people this talk before. This brutal truth of this breaks my heart.
Please just read this and try to really understand it. This is so important, and I can’t stress it enough. I’m so thankful that there are people like John Pavlovitz in the world who are able to see things with such clarity and aren’t afraid to speak out about things that other people refuse to address. I love this post, and I wish that more people could see this.

john pavlovitz


If I had a dime for every preacher who stood on a pulpit or behind a radio station microphone or on a street corner and blasted gay people for “threatening the sanctity of Marriage”, I’d have a silo full of dimes.

That in itself isn’t really noteworthy, as the LGBT community has been the Christian poster child for deviant behavior for the past few decades; blamed for ruining everything from daytime TV, to the Army, to the Boy Scouts, to major weather patterns.

And while the gay marriage debate in America threatens to quite literally rip the Church in two, it’s interesting how loud many Christian pastors and pew-sitters are on one facet of this conversation, while how conspicuously silent they are on another.

In their defense of their position, many church leaders and members who oppose gay marriage, cite the supposed Scriptural mandate for the sacred union of a man and a woman. (Though a simple review

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