The Dehumanization of Homosexuals

I honestly don’t care if you disagree with me, but please still treat me like a person. There can still be love in disagreement. Thanks to this author.

Dan Williams

I have seen things I thought I would never see and today is no different. I did not think same sex marriage would be legal in Alabama during my lifetime. Some people are celebrating today while others grieve. It is not an issue of which people often find middle-ground. It is an issue that is hard to find discussion that does not grow heated and a war of words. People just become mean. Posts on social media bring out the venom. I am against same sex marriage because of my biblical worldview, but I do not hate homosexuals. I have people that have been in my life that are strong in the area of same sex relationships and some involved in same sex relationships. Here is my concern for many people who hold beliefs like myself.

People against homosexuality often dehumanize homosexuals.

If you believe like me, I have a…

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