Okay to be gay? Homosexuality and Christianity

A lot of food for thought here.

The Evangelical Liberal

This has turned into a ridiculously long 3500-words post due to the complexity and sensitivity of the subject, so you may wish to tackle it in two or three sittings. 🙂

So, having set out my thoughts on how Christians should disagree (with shedloads of love and respect), it’s time to get down to some of the real issues that Christians do disagree on. Like homosexuality.

Views on homosexuality and homosexual practice have hugely divided Christians, and in recent years have repeatedly threatened to split the Anglican communion. On the liberal, pro-gay side it’s seen as a straightforward issue of human rights, akin to the historical Abolitionist, Civil Liberties or Suffragette movements. On the conservative side it’s viewed as a matter of upholding unchanging Scriptural Truth and time-honoured morality in the face of libertarian attacks which are seen as undermining the stability of the family, of society and of the church. (I have some sympathy for both…

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