God’s voice in a coming out story.

First of all, I have to say that I’m surprised that I didn’t hear about Vicky Beeching’s story sooner. I only discovered it just recently, and she came out back in August of 2014 or sometime around then. I really appreciate the fact that she was brave enough to step out and speak up for what she believes, though I don’t necessarily agree with her 100%. She’s still an incredible example of what kinds of conversations can be started when Christians take risks.
I also really like the ideas that Claire (the author of this post) brings up. I’m really inclined to agree with what she says, and she speaks a lot of truth into this kind of situation.
Her thoughts on the idea that “the whole Christian faith is built on personal experience” is so powerful and thought-provoking. I really want to dig deeper into that, just because that’s not the way I typically think of Christianity, but it’s definitely challenged me to think about whether or not that’s true. The me that I’ve come to know over the past year and a half really wants to believe that because of the things that she brought up, but the part of me that was raised in Sunday school says that there’s something fundamentally wrong about that statement.
I’m hoping to write a longer, more fully thought out response to this post very soon, because it got the gears in my brain turning.


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